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The battery operated Christmas lights generally use "AA" batteries and are perfect for decorating dollhouse miniature Christmas trees.

The dollhouse miniature LED lamps in this category are battery powered and will look great in any dollhouse, room box, or miniature display scene. These lights, which are equipped with batteries, magnets, and an adhesive pad, are truly unique and beautiful. Each individual battery operated dollhouse light can be lit up in seconds with the flip of a switch. These lights can be used instead of wire operated lights, added to hard to reach places or just in addition to your electrified dolls house. An extra battery is included with each lamp and bulbs last approximately 4,000 hours!

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Item #: CR2S1103
Qty In Stock: 1
Jeepers Price: $39.95

Item #: CR2S714
Qty In Stock: 3
Jeepers Price: $2.99

Item #: HW2342
Qty In Stock: 1
Jeepers Price: $31.95

Item #: SUTC21S
Qty In Stock: 2
Jeepers Price: $41.99

Item #: SUTT23
Qty In Stock: 1
Jeepers Price: $44.99

Item #: SUTW5
Qty In Stock: 1
Jeepers Price: $25.99

Item #: SUTW9S
Qty In Stock: 2
Jeepers Price: $23.99